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House of Windows - Framing your world, changing your view.

HHouse of Windows supply the UK DIY and Trade with supply only upvc windows and external doors, made to order. All with a fast 5-15 day turnaround time.

We’ve all seen the adverts promising ‘Lowest upvc window prices’ or the infamous ‘bogof’ offer and how many people then say that the quote of their windows was nearer the £10k mark? We hear it all the time. Well how would you feel if we told you made to measure A rated energy efficient upvc windows that have been personally designed and crafted for you and offer optimum security, are BFRC approved, use Pilkington 28mm double glazed argon filled sealed units. All brand new and manufactured directly for you can be yours for nearer the £2.5k benchmark. (Prices based on white upvc windows on a semi-detached 4 bed house) ALL COVERED BY A MANUFACTURERS 10 YEAR GUARANTEE AS STANDARD!

House of Windows brings you over 25 years experience in the diy double glazing industry. Initially a family run business built on the backbone of a vast sales career in the UPVC industry the company evolved and diversified its potential selling on its highly successful door companies and has expanded further into the windows market.

The transition solely into upvc windows was a natural progression with the company having been manufacturing and supplying the same quality products throughout their reign on the upvc market in their previous guise.

OHouse of Windows would be nothing without our staff, we pride ourselves on employing only the best sales, customer service and delivery personnel. Our elite team of experts are highly experienced, very knowledgeable and more importantly know our upvc windows. It is this attention to detail that we believe sets us apart from our competitors and we guarantee you a service second to none. It is fair to say when it comes to UPVC we know the industry inside and out. It’s our job to know the laws, the latest building regulations, the recommended energy efficiency standards and that’s just the need to know but we aim to go one further.

  • Energy efficient - designed to achieve the peak of thermal efficiency and performance retaining more heat in your property
  • Quality assured - Ultra-slim sightlines allow in maximum natural light – and result in more attractive upvc windows.
  • Fully sculptured lead free windows - all profiles are extruded using materials that are 100% lead free
  • British manufactured - made right here in the Midlands, Derbyshire
  • Service with superior expertise - friendly and elite team bring you a service second to none
  • Low price promise - guaranteed low upvc window and door prices all year round
  • Guaranteed - all frames are guaranteed to not warp, split or discolour for a minimum of 10 years

WWe know how important the decision to change your upvc windows and doors is and we can advise on styles, trends, glazing options, frame colours all to suit your property and residential area but foremost to suit YOU and your personal style. With a professionally drawn quote emailed to you, you’ll be able to see your finished product image before deciding. Our time, advice and expertise is free and all part of our exceptional service.

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